Sacred Raiatea


“Sacred Raiatea”, an island rich in history, is the birthplace of Polynesian culture and home to the largest Marae (place of worship) to be built in Polynesia. Raiatea is a land of legends, being the original base of the first conquerors of all three sides of the Maori triangle (Easter Island, Hawaii and New Zealand).

The sacred island also delights diving fanatics with its exceptional underwater scenery and boasts numerous natural advantages favourable to nature tourism.
Another of its great advantages is the lagoon which it shares with Tahaa. Raiatea is still an ideal starting point for exploring French Polynesia.

The island also offers numerous trails to explore including Mount Temehani. Don’t miss the chance to discover every shade of blue and green on your holiday…

The island of Raiatea is also home to a plant unique in the world – “Tiare Apetahi”, a protected species and the symbol of Raiatea Lodge…